Foundation for Botond’s Steps | We need your help!
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We need your help!


How can you help to Botond?

We ask for your financial help so that we can take Botond to the operation and physiotherapy. It means that we will have to spend 7 weeks in America, where he will have the SDR surgery, the therapy and the orthopedic surgery.
Please click HERE for more information about SDR surgery.

The operations (SDR, orthopedic surgery, physiotherapies) cost USD 59,136, the price of the additional physiotherapy after orthopedic surgery is USD 1150. We have to transfer these amounts to the St. Louise Children’s Hospital in February, 2017.
Please click HERE to see the estimated provisional costs sent by the hospital. Other expenses like travelling (for Botond and one parent approximately USD 1680), accommodation (about USD 1620) and food (about USD 1000) also enlarge the financial burden.

So the total cost is more then USD 65.000! 

Following the operation and physiotherapies in America, Botond will have to continue his strict daily therapies and stretching for another 2 years. During the past 8 years he had 4 physiotherapies and 2 swimming courses a week so that he could feel that despite all his efforts he moves more and more difficult. We are sure that if he could feel that his trainings have such a result that he can move easier, he would be a happier, well-motivated, steady little chap.

If you are able to help us, please consider supporting our foundation!


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IBAN: HU22104028055052675165891022      
Name of the bank: Kereskedelmi és Hitelbank
Address of the bank: 6720 Szeged, Széchenyi tér 9.B

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